What We Do

We create products and processes to engage those who seek the fullness of God’s liberating Truth.

Our signature feature is dialog. We believe dialog with God, one’s self and with others is the most effective path to spiritual transformation.

Our principle focus in on developing the Network Alignment process to engage emerging adults and  challenge them to optimize their connection with God and to live by God-connected principles.

We also use The Living Dialog™ Collection of six books, described elsewhere on this site, our website, www.livingdialog.org. and social media to reach emerging adults, described elsewhere on this site.

Our yet-to-be achieved goal is to find colleges ready to use our process led by campus ministers or faculty known for their use of dialog in their pedagogical methodology. For this to be achieved will require the support of a major donor or foundation.

Another mission group focuses on those who find answers to life’s basic questions shared by others to meet their particular spiritual needs. This mission group’s work is described on www.lifesbasicquestions.com. Answer booklets, connections with social media, a version of The Invitation from The Living Dialog™ Collection as well as opportunity to continue the “Answer” journey are available on that website.

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