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We aim to encourage thought, reflection, and spiritual transformation.

The Bible is a collection of 66 books about relationships and covenants between God and people written by many different people over hundreds of years. God inspires conversation and action, and the Bible is a record of those conversations and actions. Many come to know God through the Bible. It is the best-selling book in history with sales in the billions.

Translations of the Bible are made from original manuscripts in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. These have been in more languages than any other book. Scholars who know the original languages and translate the earliest manuscripts help us to appreciate and understand the meaning of the words and thoughts found in the Bible. Archaeologists find materials that shed light on the buildings, customs, and lifestyles of the people about whom we read. (The Theology of The Living Dialog™ Collection)

The Living Dialog™ Collection includes five core books.

These books convey God’s invitation to accept his transforming power to be new.

Each core book includes 26 segments. Each segment ends with 9 open-ended questions.

THE COLLECTION uses a dialog platform to engage the biblical message.

Early Christians shaped their faith by asking questions. In the five core books, scripture is presented in bite-size pieces. Readers are prompted by questions to reflect on what they read. They are challenged to hear from God through the words and lives of Jesus, Paul, Moses, Hosea and those with whom they engage.

Dialog includes critical thinking. Traditions and authority are challenged. Spiritual transformation is a journey of discovery. We trust God to make Ultimate Truth available to seekers who examine their personal faith in the context of biblical dialog.

Many facets of dialog are involved in this discovery process:

❑ Dialog with God

❑ Dialog with yourself

❑ Dialog with others who are physically present

❑ Dialog with others who are spiritually present

The Living Dialog™ experience offers these Benefits:

❑ Biblical discoveries

❑ Path to spiritual transformation

❑ Progress in being new creations

❑ Increased alignment with God’s will








What’s With You and GOD?: Discover how well you know God

We read some books for information, some for inspiration, and some for entertainment.

This book includes a bit of each, but neither is the main purpose of the book.

The purpose of this book is to stimulate THINKING about why we are here, what makes the journey worthwhile, and what principles help us to make it that.

Each core chapter includes nine questions for your dialog. Hopefully, they will stimulate discoveries. It is in discovery that we find a reliable personal worldview to guide our lives.

Each reader’s discovery will be unique. That discovery will more likely be validated when made in the creative environment of dialog.

What’s With You and GOD?: Discover how well you know God is available at

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BE NEW— Be a New Creation 
introduces the Collection and includes:
  • What We Mean by Living Dialog™
  • What We Mean by Spiritual Transformation
  • About the Brain
  • About the Mind
  • About the God Connection
  • The Mind of Christ
  • Principles for Living as God’s New Creations

BE NEW is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49

THE INVITATION: in dialog with Jesus
as recorded in the Gospel of Mark

tells about Jesus and his impact on the world. People used different titles to address Jesus: Teacher, Rabbi, Son of Man, Son of God, Messiah, Master, and Lord.

The Invitation — Key Questions

  • What was Jesus’ mission?
  • Who did he include in his mission?
  • How did he want his mission to continue?
  • Are you ready to participate in that mission

THE INVITATION is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49

THE WAY: in dialog with Paul 
as recorded in Paul’s letter to Christians in Rome

tells about this ambassador for Jesus and his message. Paul affirmed that being a new creation is rooted in a faith in Jesus, the Christ. (Christ means God’s Anointed One.)

The Way — Key Questions

  • What did being a Christian mean to Paul?
  • How does Paul describe new life for Christians?
  • What was it like to be a member of the early Christian churches?
  • Would you sign up for membership in a church like that?

Paul’s letter was written in Greek. His words, “καινη κτισιζ” are translated, “new creature” and “new creation.” This meant more than being reformed or improved — it meant being remade. It is a radical alteration. When we experience God’s intended relationship, we become new. The character of God becomes explicit in our lives. Our values, priorities, and our relationships are transformed.

The Way is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49

THE COVENANT: in dialog with Moses
as recorded in the book of Exodus

tells about how God called a Middle Eastern tribe to be the seed of a new way of being. At times they understood what this meant and at times they didn’t.

The Covenant — Key Questions

  • What does it mean to covenant with God
  • What does it mean to be God’s Covenant People?
  • What principles for living do you practice?
  • Where do you find the courage to live by those principles?

The Covenant is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49

THE TRANSFORMATION: in dialog with Jesus
as recorded in the Gospel of John

offers high-octane fuel for our mission. We make new discoveries in a journey with Jesus. We engage liberating Truth.

The Transformation — Key Questions

  • What is the truth that sets us free?
  • What does Jesus ask of his disciples?
  • What is your understanding of the Holy Spirit?
  • Are you being spiritually transformed?

The Transformation is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49

THE HOPE: in dialog with the prophet Hosea 

In spite of God’s invitation and the transformation offered to empower that new way, people regress and worship their neighbors’ idols instead of God.

God wants our families, our institutions, and our society to be aligned with the purpose for which we are created. When we are misaligned with that purpose, we get messed up.

The Hope — Key Questions

❑ What is Hosea’s hope?

❑ What connections do you see between Hosea’s times and ours?

❑ What is the cultural responsibility for God’s covenant people?

❑ What is your hope for the mission of God’s covenant people?

    The Hope is available from Amazon for $12.95…Kindle version $5.49