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Renewing Your Mind Thinking as a Christian study guide
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Gospel of Mark study guide
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Letter to Romans study guide
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Gospel of John study guide
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RENEWING YOUR MIND — An 11-session small group exploration via dialog of a Christian Worldview

RENEWING YOUR MIND helps guide small groups in an engaging
and thought-provoking exploration of the many aspects of a Biblical
worldview. The study looks at nine prominent fields of human
endeavor that create the culture of a society. These include science,
economics, origins of man, politics, marriage and family, law, and
justice. Each session begins with a dialog-starting question and then
provides Bible references and narrative to help inform participants.
Additional questions help groups to dig deeper so they may be
transformed by the light of God’s Word—THINKING AS A CHRISTIAN.

The Apostle Paul urges us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. Jack Dannemiller helps us to do just that. This transformational business leader has found an encore career as a guide to thinking more like Jesus. The task of renewing our minds is a team sport. The format of this book allows us to learn together, “iron sharpening iron.” The chance to dialog with God, yourself and with others is not to be missed. The topics in this book are best tackled together. What an educational and encouraging journey awaits you. I not only endorse this book, I plan to use it in counseling, class, retreat and small group settings.

—Dr. Greg Anderson, Graduate School Chaplain
Wheaton College

Increasingly, we are biblically and historically illiterate in America. According to recent research, 6 percent of Americans have a biblical worldview. More troubling, only 21 percent of those who attend evangelical churches have a biblical worldview. Dannemiller provides a helpful introduction to the tenets of a biblical worldview at a time when we desperately need resources to help us think about how God’s Word applies to every facet of our lives. I commend this study for anyone who wants to build, solidify, and strengthen their worldview.

—David Closson, Director
FRC’s Center for Biblical Worldview

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YOUR INVITATION — An 11-session small group exploration via dialog of the Gospel according to Mark

YOUR INVITATION helps guide small groups in an exciting exploration of the story of Jesus through intentional dialog. Each of the eleven sessions starts with a thought-provoking question that leads the group into a short, Biblically-accurate narrative interspersed with questions the group can use as dialog starters.

 The genius of this study is the process that includes incisive questions to create reader or group interaction. This process launches the reader on an adventurous expectation in pursuit of understanding the vital, enigmatic, and glorious nature of Jesus.

–Dr. Joan E. Winter, Executive Director, Family Institute of Virginia and Associate Professor at Medical College of Virginia Department of Psychiatry

The authors have created a tool for Christian discipleship that provided the conversation catalyst to foster spiritual maturity. The Invitation Study is packed with solid biblical exegesis and insightful reflective questions that will enable true biblical disciple-making.

–Dr. Daryl G. Donovan, Senior Pastor, Sanibel Community Church and founder and President of Mentoring Ministries

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LIGHTING THE WAY — A 12 session small group exploration via dialog of Paul’s letter to the Romans

LIGHTING THE WAY is an engaging and thought-provoking study of one of the most power-packed books in the Bible. Every section offers a concise overview of specific spiritual principles and drives home the points with questions designed to give the reader a deeper level of understanding. Thought-provoking and challenging, this dialogue about Paul and his letter to the Romans offers great insight into some of the challenging questions people ask about how to effectively live the Christian life.

—Susan Jackson, Online Missionary Director
Global Media Outreach

The secret of vital Christianity has always been discovered in the context of Bible study and prayer. In this refreshing new approach, the transformational power of Scripture is unlocked through shared dialogue and personal reflection around the timeless message found in the revelation of God’s Word. Look no further if you are seeking the right tool to help you and your small group deepen your walk of faith and connect with renewed relevance to a world in desperate need of Good News.

—Norman L. Replogle, Pastor Emeritus
West Goshen Church, Goshen Indiana

In an age where “live your truth” is considered normal and feelings take precedence over doctrine, there’s never been greater urgency for believers to learn the unchanging truth of Scripture. Lighting the Way is the perfect guide, with inspiring questions that will challenge you and your small group to explore and apply the Word together, and draw closer to the One who loves you.

—Arielle G. Bateman, Director of Recurring Revenue
International Justice Mission, Washington, D.C

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TRANSFORMATION — A 13-session small group exploration via dialog of the Gospel according to John

TRANSFORMATION helps guide small groups in an exciting exploration of the story of Jesus through intentional dialog. Each of the thirteen sessions starts with a thought-provoking question that leads the group into a short, biblically-accurate, narrative interspersed with questions the group can use as dialog starters.

If you’re looking for a guide that goes beyond wooden questions that simply repeat the text to you and instead moves your group to articulating their fresh reactions and questions, this guide will open that door. I love how the guide consistently draws participants back to the passage at hand, demanding engagement with what’s going on in the Scriptures and the response of readers. This is no dry study — adventure awaits!

—Rev. Robert Burns, Lead Pastor, Richmond Campus
Crestwood Presbyterian Church

I heartily recommend TRANSFORMATION for all those seeking a small group study and disciple-making resource. The emphasis on dialogue as the strategy of the study is both welcome and insightful. Too often, Bible studies are either led by a teacher who is the authority or break down into the mere giving of opinions. The emphasis of this study on conversation and dialogue is a welcome feature and sets it apart from other studies of the Gospel of John. I hope all those who use this guide enjoy it as much as I did.

—G. Christopher Scruggs, retired pastor, consultant, and author


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Answers to Your Greatest Questions

This book is designed to satisfy and edify the curious, the inquisitive, seekers of Truth, and even Christian believers regarding the most important questions about life, faith and eternity. The reader can expect to experience a marvelous adventure in discovery as they travel through the book’s 12 chapters. Then, if there are still unanswered questions, readers can go to our website, and submit a new question to our team of Bible scholars, theologians, and teachers of Biblical truth. Among the questions addressed in this book are:

  • How did God create the universe out of nothing?
  • Where is God?Are heaven and hell real places?
  • How did Moses get all the information he records in the book of Genesis?
  • Did Jesus really come back from the dead?
  • How did the Gospel writers get Jesus’ direct quotes?
  • Are we living in the End Times?
  • How does a person become a Christian and gain eternal life?

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Dialog: A Way to Live (Revised Edition)

What if at least 12% of the population practiced the kind of dialogue described in this book? Read this book to discover ways this challenge can become a reality.
When we listen for what is meant and respond empathetically to what we hear – when we ask questions to clarify and draw out the thinking of others – when we resist being defensive – when we acknowledge that on which we disagree but seek to find that on which we do agree – when we are not trying to persuade but discover – and when we find ourselves changing our views or positions in light of what we are discovering — we are in a transformational dialogue environment.

In his latest book, Irving Stubbs explores many good reasons to use dialogue.

  • It is a way to stretch our levels of consciousness.
  • It strengthens the courage to speak and share.
  • It bonds participants as persons, not as objects.
  • It creates bridges to deal with organizational and societal issues.
  • It builds communities of mutual trust and interests.
  • It builds solutions to challenging issues.
  • It opens us to God’s Spirit.
  • It energizes worldviews based on shalom that includes peace, harmony, wholeness, justice and joy.

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What’s With You and GOD?: Discover how well you know God

We read some books for information, some for inspiration, and some for entertainment.

This book includes a bit of each, but neither is the main purpose of the book.

The purpose of this book is to stimulate THINKING about why we are here, what makes the journey worthwhile, and what principles help us to make it that.

Each core chapter includes nine questions for your dialog. Hopefully, they will stimulate discoveries. It is in discovery that we find a reliable personal worldview to guide our lives.

Each reader’s discovery will be unique. That discovery will more likely be validated when made in the creative environment of dialog.

Available from Amazon  for $11.95 (Paperback) or $4.99 (Kindle)

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